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Call for entries – English

cat wanted

„gemischtwaren“ means mixed store or general shop. is a mail order company located in Cologne/Germany, it is also a small publishing house under construction. In our store here you can find many self-published postcards, so far mostly postcards.
Now we want to create a new postcard set with the working title Ten contemporary cats. And for this we need your help:

We are looking for your cat pictures! Painted or drawn, photography or illustration, graphic or painting – send us your pictures. We want to make a single art postcard out of ten of the sent pictures, and sell them individually or as a set. All we need is a file from you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

In a first edition we want to print 1000 postcards per motif. Format Din A6, portrait or landscape, borderless or with border, whole motif or cutout – as it fits best.

This project is international in scope. Artists from all over the world will be represented in the postcard set.

Interested? Then send us an email to katzen[at] – If you want to attach pictures of your motifs directly, then PLEASE only small(!) files at first. If necessary we will ask you for print-ready files.

The small print:

  • You must be the owner of the rights to the image and give them to us for the printing of the postcard.
  • You will receive a small financial fee, as well as some copies of your card and the whole set. More details on request.
  • You will receive the fee as soon as we receive your print approval, but we will need an invoice from you.
  • If we receive many high-quality submissions, we will consider publishing them in book form. Of course only after consultation with you.
  • We reserve the right to make the final selection of which motifs we actually print and publish. You have no right to publication.
  • The cards will be sold by us in mail order and stationary trade.
  • We look forward to receiving your submissions by March 31, 2022. The postcards and sets should then be available in mid-May 2022.You will receive all details in a separate PDF.

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